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January 28, 2013 by nourishing buttons

005I have always had a vague interest in natural living and dabbled here and there. But it wasn’t until my son Stanley suffered with severe reflux and eczema as a baby that I started researching body systems, especially the gut and its influence of so much of our health. So then came crazy midnight, slightly obsessive internet browsing, to stool samples, candida, nutritional healing, GAPS diet and on. I became more and more interested in how our bodies work, and how they are affected by what happens to them, what is put into, and onto them.

I will post about various topics but I will start with this, as this is where it started…

Birth MK1

Stanley was born via ventouse after a 12 hour labour, I would love to say it was a beautiful, natural experience but it was not! I had good intentions, booking into the local hospital birth suite. I won’t give you a long detailed birth story, but suffice to say contractions started soon after my waters broke, and as is common when labour starts this way, they developed insanely speedily into what seemed like an unbroken unending excruciating uncontrollable PAIN!! I lost control of myself and could not surmount the pain, and on transferring to the birth suite had the unlucky stroke of having who I can only describe as a security guard rather than a member of the caring profession of midwives. The salient points are (told to me by Tom (DH), as I was in the throes of the blur of constant pain) that he asked ‘what can we do to help her?’, she responded ‘well what do you expect she is having a baby!’. He asked for some water for me, she directed him down the hallway to the kitchen, then called after him when on his way to said kitchen ‘can you close the door behind you’, as in the door to my room indicating I was making too much noise. This was shouted out while sitting at the desk like a security guard reading a newspaper. There are various other examples of complete lack of support and care but I think they give the general view. I had progressed pretty quickly to 4cm, but after spending 2 hours in that room of doom had progressed no more. I then decided I needed an epidural as something had to change. Fast forward some hours, and heart rate dropping, medical team and instruments coming, hands up me, Stanley yanked out, 3rd degree tear, spinal block, theatre sewing, then 2 hours after his birth very dazed Mum and new baby have some peace. And relax.


So home to relax, recover, rest with lovely snuggly new baby heaven, schreeech to reality……..screaming unsettled baby, won’t sleep, Daddy doing midnight pram walks to give me just an hour of rest. Trying to help my poor new baby who was obviously in pain was to start a journey of healing and nourishing, which is where this blog comes in.


After 3 weeks of reading every book I had (ok, only 3 books) to find out what was wrong with my little bubba, I found an excerpt from The Baby Whisperer about reflux, and self diagnosed him with this. I found zero support from GPs (even denying GERD as a condition, saying all babies reflux, and its the process of possetting – NO!!), Health Visitors in agreement with my diagnosis and sympathetic but offered no tangible help. I desperately tried to advocate for my little man and find him some comfort, eventually having him seen under my private work medical insurance. He was then finally diagnosed with reflux at 4 months and given ranitidine (acid reducing drugs will be a subject I cover in the future, and if I knew what I know now he would not have taken ranitidine), which eased his pain for a few days. In that small window we saw the baby he would have been had he not been in so much pain. His body then became tolerant to the drug as is apparently common, and so he was back to pain.

Post reflux

Luckily he grew out of reflux and the associated pain at around 6 months when he started eating. During the reflux period I cut out ALL dairy products twice for 3 weeks each time with no relief, although milk protein intolerance can often be a causative factor. I still don’t know what caused Stanley’s reflux. A chance meeting with a New York mom on a fb page discussing the link between reflux, eczema and candida took me down my next health detective path, via stool samples and beyond………….


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